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Whenever crypto pump lord Elon makes a tweet, We make it the safest token.

☑️ 100% RugProof
☑️ Long Term Vision
☑️ Liquidity Locked With Dxsale

Your Safest 100x Bet when Elon makes a Tweets.



ELONPAD is a Fairlaunchpad for whenever our friendly neighborhood Elon Musk tweets.

We fucking love fairlaunches and low-cap presales as they are easy 10x-100x unlike most presale but the fun is spoilt when the token is rugged or its a honeypot. There is too much uncertainty in the fairlaunch space.

We have solved that problem with When Elon Tweets Launchpad. Lets call it ELONPAD.

We are not a token, we are the most epic and only Elon's Tweet based Launchpad with a longterm vision. We are $ELONPAD. Sounds good doesn't it!


Tweet Example

"Elon Tweets
We Launch"

Countdown Example



5% Buyback

Every sell transaction is bought up by the contract. Depending on the volume, tokens are bought back everytime anyone sells.

4% Liquidity

The Liquidity Pool pair is created after the public pre-sale and locked. 70% of the pre-sale is assigned to the LP Pair. 4% of each transaction is also sent to the LP. This stabalises the price of the token.

3% Marketing/Team

In order to explore further possibilities, 3% of each transaction will be will be sent to the marketing wallet. The team will alway pay itself using this wallet.

Tweets That Created 100x Moonshots

Why Should You Invest With Us?


We know what is feels like to get rugged and scammed from the money you've worked hard for. We maintain complete transparency of the team allocation. 5% will be reserved in every project and 1-2% from the tax. We wont be apeing a single wallet during launch.


We will do a low cap presale immediately after every tweet allowing for maximum room to grow or a low liquidity fairlaunch.
Its very simple, the earlier you get in, the more x's you make.


We want this to be the safest community and a go to launchpad whenever our friendly neighborhood Elon makes a tweet.
So its not about one token rather series of tokens after most Elon tweets.

Why did we create ELONPAD?

The purpose of creating $ELONPAD was when Elon tweets, there are so many project created with that tweet. Most are Rugs and Honeypot but some end up doing 50x-1000x.

Our Goal with this project is to have the safest platform When Elon Tweets so you can be 100% sure that its legit.

We can't guarantee it will moon everytime as there are many factors to it but we will give it our best and it will be the safest bet out there.

What does the team get?

We will keep a fixed 5% Developers wallet in each token we launch. As we also need to make money, we'll obviously book our profit but will never dump on the community as this is a long term project so trust is what we want to build.
Moat of the times, we won't sell this wallet. We get 2% from the marketing/team tax.



Telegram Launch

Website Launch

2000 Members

Shilling Team

Whitelist Top Shillers


5000 Members

Marketing Team

Influencer Partnership

Consistent Launch

Iphone Giveaway


10,000 Members

Trend Based Launchpad

Community Giveaways


Harley Giveaway


Is this a token?

No, atleast not for now. This is a Fairlaunch-PAD. This is not one token but a launchpad for new tokens whenever Elon makes a tweet.

With our complete transparency, we want to solve the issue of rugs and honeypot once and for all. So when the crypto legend tweets, you can ape in without a doubt in our mind.

What will be the tokenomics?

We will mostly use the buyback kraken as it will keep pumping the coin. We will mostly use 5% kraken, 4% liq, 3% marketing/developer wallet

Why do you need 5%

Lets be real, we are here to make money as well. But more than that we want everyone to make money because when the coin pumps to millions we make way more than dumping 5% initially. Its just our moonshot wallet incase a token becomes the next elongate, who knows. We will vest the wallet so everyone feels safe. Fair enough? You wont see a single sell from that wallet till 10 million Marketcap.

When Rug?

Glad you asked, NEVER! We as the developers can make more money just from transaction tax than we can from any rug out there. Let alone rug, we wont even dump. We want to build the strongest and the safest community.